So as you can probably tell from the title, my sister and I have an orthodontists appointment today. Were on our way there now listening to “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. Actually were going to our mechanics first, so I’ll have some more time to write :). That’s the good thing about blogging, because you don’t have to have an Internet connection to write. (I use my iPod touch to write) So anyway back to braces, I’ve had them since September, 2007. So it will be 4 years in 1 month! That’s 1/4 of my life! Wow. I don’t mind having them, I just got used to them. They said I would get them off this summer, but as you can read, I still got ’em :).
Change of subject, now I’ll talk a little about my life. We do homeschooling, we started last year. Its ok, but if I had the choice I would go back to regular school. There’s pros and cons about each of them, the pros of homeschooling is that you have a very flexible schedule. The pros about regular school is that I get to see my friends, and I can play sports.(which I can’t do when we homeschool).
I don’t have a computer so I can’t edit videos. The computer that we have is only a 1.8GHz Celeron processor, with only a 51GB hard drive 🙂 in other words editing video on it is pretty much impossible, it can’t handle it, it even has a hard time with SD video sometimes. I have Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 on it but it’s not really worth it for that computer. So the point of that is that I want a computer. I would love to have a Mac, but I can’t afford that yet. My mom is taking her time to upgrade. But earlier today I was looking at some computers on best buy’s website and turns out that desktops are a better deal than laptops because the specs are a lot better for the same price of a laptop with worse specs. (If that made sense lol)

I am still working on the website, I’m trying to learn what everything does so it will look better. Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to like my Facebook page, follow me on twitter, and dailybooth (links on the “About me” page)


2 thoughts on “Orthodontist

  1. Maddie

    🙂 hope all goes well with the orthodontist!! And yes, desktops are actually a lot better when it comes to multi-tasking. They can handle a lot more. It will all work out, though. Have a nice day!!!


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