Cardboard boat

Hey guys! So a couple of weeks ago my mom singed me up for a cardboard boat race. At first I wasn’t to exited about the idea but then she told me that the winner would win $250…. So the past few days I’ve been working on the boat, its been going pretty good, at least I’m hoping so :).  here are some pics(work in progress):

So yeah, its coming along. So the whole time I thought there was going to be around 20-30 people there, but my mom showed me the newspaper yesterday and it said there is usually around 1,000 people there!!! So I was like “um ok yeah, never mind, forget the race”. But my mom convinced me that I should keep working on the boat. So I did, today I painted with some water proof glue type substance thing, my hands were really sticky for a while. I have to put a few more layers on it, but other than that, it’s almost finished. The race is this Saturday, I’m not really nervous, but I guess I will be when we get there. I always get nervous before some sort of competition. Like my first track meet in 6th grade(when we could finally join the track team),  my legs were literally shaking before each race that day 🙂 Anyway, I dont know how many  people are going to race, but hopefully it’s not that many 🙂

Well I guess thats it for today thanks for reading, see you tomorrow! I guess it should be more like, “Read me tomorrow!” but that sounds kinda wired so see you tomorrow! you’re awesome 😉


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