Stress and excitement…

Hey guys! So if you read yesterday’s post, today I singed up for collage(for dual credit). Part of the stress is over, at least for now anyways.(it’ll come back on monday, my first day πŸ™‚ so I took the placement test today and I did better than I thought I would. But I didn’t want to have high expectations and then do horrible, if you know what I mean. Since my mom couldn’t take me to the collage today, a friend of hers/ours did. She’s actually the city clerk. So anyway, when she picked me up she handed me a brand new phone(in the box) and said that I would need it since I don’t have one and just in case I needed to call someone. So I was like really?! I know it’s kinda sad, that I just got my first phone and I’m 16. But when you think about it, why in the world would 7 year olds need to have cell phones? Better than the one that I got! I mean seriously, who would they call? The tooth fairy? Santa? Little red riding hood? Yeah… so I’d say you at least need to know how to use a phone before you actually get one.
So back to my new phone. Its not awesome, it’s a bar phone, but hey it’s better than nothing, right? So I’m pretty exited about that.

So the classes I’m going to take this semester are math, and photography. I got my photography book today, but they didn’t have the math ones because they sad they’re new(which is fine with me) and it’s software and a book, I guess. Because the way that class works is that we watch the lesson, and the teacher on the software explains everything. But the real reacher is always there if we need any extra help. At least that’s what they told me. I was able to pick that method or the other option was the actual teacher writing on the actual blackboard(or smartboard). but I like being on the computer so that’s why I picked the first one.
The photography book looks pretty cool. It’s also brand new and it was(WAS?) copyrighted in 2012. I kinda like all the new things that come out, because i always assume(wow never used that word before:) that they’re better than the previous gen. Which i know isn’t always the case, but most of the time it is.
But the good thing about the new book is that is has newer info in it. For example it has more stuff about DSLR’s instead of regular SLR’s. I guess you have to have a camera for the class(obviously) but the one I have doesn’t have manual focus, or many other personalized settings. But the good news is that they the teacher might have a few extra that I could borrow! Hopefully!

Debit card:
Ok so I don’t know how old you have to be to get a debit card. do you have to have like a checking account or something? But anyway my mom found this debit card that’s basically a pre-paid debit card. Kinda like the way I’m going to pay for my new phone. So we got it! She said I could use it when I buy gas for the car, or whatever. She started it out with $50 but she said I have to keep filling it up from now on :/ but it’s ok at least I can put it on my iTunes and amazon and my google adsense accounts! πŸ™‚

Drivers test:
So if you didn’t know, I have my permit. I’ve had it since July 13th, 2010, 10 days after my birthday(July, 3rd) yeah I still remember πŸ™‚ but it is one of the biggest things in a teenagers life. For girls too i guess, some of them aren’t as exited about it as guys are though. Im not saying all of you!!! Just some… so the point of that was that I’m going to take the drivers test on Thursday! I’m pretty exited πŸ™‚ common, a car, a drivers license, a debit card, a phone. I mean what else could a guy want?! Haha

So that’s it for today thanks for reading, and I’ll type again this time tomorrow!(the day before the… big day?) It’s like this is the only time i like to write. 12:14 am. XD. but I can’t upload it till 6:30am or so(I’ll explain why in another post)

L8R G8R!, get it? πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Stress and excitement…

  1. Maddie

    that’s awesome! you’re list is coming true piece by piece. and don’t worry about the quality of the phone, phones are phones. they do the same stuff, but if you drop yours, it won’t be as big of a deal as if johnny with the droid drops his. lol. and you’re not allowed to date either!?!?!? i thought I was the only one! haha finally, since i’m 16and-a-half, i can “date” the one guy i’ve liked forever. except, our parents would have to drop us off wherever we go, since neither of us have our liscense. haha so if i just go with a group of friends, and he’s there, then WHAM BAM CHICKEN AND HAM. lol good luck with everything! glad to see it’s all working out! πŸ˜€

  2. Josh Leyva (@Joshlman)

    yeah the list is getting a little smaller πŸ™‚ yeah im pretty happy with the phone, you’re right, i would rather lose $10 than $200 but a $200 dollar phone is going to have better features, especially like 3G haha. wow! really!? i thought i was like the only one too! makes me feel a little better lol. yeah it would be kinda wired and uncomfortable for me to have my parents drive us around πŸ™‚ WHAM BAM CHICKEN AND HAM lol πŸ™‚ thanks, and good luck with your team and your foot,(and any other bone that there’s a problem with πŸ™‚ im sure you’ll be glad to get rid of chester πŸ˜‰


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