New headphones!

Yeah I didn’t really know what to call this post :). I’m really enjoying Spotify Premium I’m glad I got it, and i would definitely recommend it. At least get the free version to listen on your computer!

Today is Saturday morning, finally the weekend :). But i need to catch up on some school today and tomorrow :/. my mom came today, she’s going to leave on Monday, she’s a spanish teacher at a university, if I haven’t told you already. (I won’t say the name :). The reason why she doesn’t come back everyday is because it’s around 80 miles, so it would be pretty expensive and she likes to avoid driving unless she has to.

I bought a pair of in-ear headphones from Sony.(they would be my first in-ear style headphones) The brand Sony, the store was The cool thing about it was the there usually $30, but they were on sale for $15, but i had two $5 certificate things. So the total was around $5.71 including tax :). They should be here between the 24th-30th. They also have a microphone and volume control, that’s the main reason why i got them. Check out my tech channel for the unboxing when they get here. TheJoshlmanTech.

So that’s all that I did today, I have such an exiting life 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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