Working out

Hey guys! So yeah I’m still alive lol πŸ™‚ don’t know why I haven’t posted in a few days.(week) I won’t make any excuses.

But anyway, as you can tell from the title, I’m starting to work out. I haven’t really work out before because I basically did it at school with the sports I played. So I kinda wanted to start. I downloaded this app called Abs. It’s basically an 8 minute video of different workouts for your abs. Obviously. So I started it tonight, and I feel like jello. πŸ™‚ Its kinda tough(is that how do you spell tough? I’ve completely forgotten how to spell it :P) to type lol. Well the ab workout wasn’t that bad(I’ll feel itΒ tomorrowΒ , what feels like jello are my arms. I did as many push-ups as I could, then I just held my body up a few inches away from the ground after I was done. That’s what killed me :). I sorta flopped to the ground afterwards, haha. So I heard it’s not good if you work out every day, so I’ll try it every other day. But I also want to make my legs work too(that sounds wired…). But you know what I mean. So I’m wanting to go the park tomorrow morning and run 2 miles(or 1. Until I get used to it πŸ™‚ before I head of to school. But I’m not really a long distance runner. I did sprints at school. I’m really fast, but only for around 100 meters(traditional sprint race). After that I get worn down. But I’ll try it anyway, we’ll see how it goes :).

Tomorrow is school again, so yeah… But I like going to the college, it’s a cool experience.

Have you heard that Steve Jobs, (the guy that invented the device I’m using to type right now) resigned!!! It happened a couple days ago. πŸ˜₯ so now the CEO is Tim Cook, we’ll see how he does. Everyone knew it was eventually going to happen, it was just so sudden, it felt like somebody died(that kind of feeling). But I’ll still love Apple, even if there’s a new CEO.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Working out

  1. likeablevlogs

    I’m the same way lol I’ve been working out my arms and chest, then lost my abs (Arabella hates that.)

    I’m a long distance runner, which I think you knew, or well I used to be.

    I’m a slacker, now lol Good luck with working out, I say that because it’s hard for us skinny runners to gain muscle :-/ at least for me it is, now it sounds like I’m being rude/jerk like.

    I’m gonna quit typing before I make it worse…


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