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Panoramic Planet

I shot this around September 2012 I think, (the actual photo (cropped): http://bit.ly/Za3kFP, it’s actually my new header) and I wanted to try this type of 360 degree/planet/panorama photo. I thought it turned out pretty nicely. I actually tried to take some photos today so I could try the effect on it, but none of them really turned out like I hoped they would. So I was browsing through my photos when I came upon this panorama, and since it was already a panorama it made it quite a bit easier to work with.

Panoramic Planet

So up next on my photography to-do list, I’m wanting to try steel wool photography. Looks like a lot of fun, hope I get to make one soon! And besides that there’s also another little secret photo/idea that I’m currently working on, I’ll let you know once I perfect it… I think it should be pretty cool… 😀

-Josh L