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Starting Over (Part 2)

Well after a few months of deserting this blog, I was motivated and I decided to come back and hopefully start writing again. After reading some of the older posts, I really liked remembering those times so I wanted to continue that for the future. So here goes!

I don’t even know where to start…. So I’m still in college, well I “officially” started freshman year this past fall (August 2012) and as of now, we have six weeks left until the end of this semester. I’m ready for summer break! I’m currently taking 12 credit hours this semester, here’s the list of classes:

English 101
Math 70
History 106
Photography 2 aka Photo-communications II

I’ve been enjoying this semester more than the previous one. The classes are a bit easier and I’m feeling more confident with the whole college routine now. This semester I got a job at the college, I work at the bookstore. It’s not bad, I mainly just restock food, make/refill coffee and manage one of the registers if we’re busy. I’ve hardly worked much lately though, I’m currently at five hours a week, ha! I started out for the first couple of weeks at around 36 hours a week. The only reason it was so much was because the bookstore is where they also keep all of the textbooks, so they needed us as much as we could work and help them out with that. But I don’t mind five hours a week, I have more free time for school (supposedly) 😉

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I have my photography class, it’s an easy class so I enjoy it. Tomorrow we’re actually going to be going to a studio and we’re supposed to bring and item for our “Still Life” assignment. I’m still not sure what I’m going to bring.. my iPhone? ;P

As far as photography goes I’ve still been taking photos, not as many as I used to though. I’ll still post to Instagram every once in a while. (I’m currently at 840 followers!) I really want to get a camera. Or I just want something other than the standard 18-55. I guess I just have to continue being creative until then!

So last semester I got an iPad 3, which I was soon going to discover that Apple was planning on releasing the iPad 4 only thirty-six days later. *facepalm* But it’s not a big deal, it was just a minor spec bump from the iPad 3 so I wasn’t too worried about that.

The car that I used to drive, a 1996 Mercury Cougar, finally gave up after around 200k+ miles haha. So while my mom got another car, I had to drive the only other one we had. A 2000 Chevy Blazer. Now that wouldn’t be half bad, it does have more power than the Cougar which is fun, but it’s a mail delivery car. Which means that the steering wheel is on the right side. And it wasn’t like it was made like that, there’s a belt mechanism that turns the steering wheel when I turn it on the right side. Same goes for the petals. I’ve gotten so many weird looks from people, its actually pretty funny though. I’ll pull up to someone at a traffic light, and when we make eye contact they just stare blankly while I just smile and drive off into the distance xD. There are disadvantages to driving on the right though, like I can’t go through drive throughs, and I haven’t had to yet, but if I had to throw a few quarters to pay for a toll on the interstate… yeah.

Well I guess thats all that I can think of for now, (why can’t I write this much for my English assignments? haha) I’m not sure if I’ll have a dedicated schedule but if I can, I’ll try to post daily. We’ll see how that goes. Oh and if you don’t feel like coming to the website often, (don’t worry you won’t hurt my feelings 🙂 ) you can “follow” at the bottom right so you can get an email each time I post something new. So thanks for reading!

-Josh L